Single Purpose

NAEC is a single purpose contractor organization founded exclusively for collective bargaining and labor relations. NAEC concentrates its energy solely on addressing the labor relations needs of its’ contractor members.

“NAEC’s single purpose approach to handling of all labor agreements is a real plus. Even though we are a small specialty-paving contractor, we are treated as equals with the largest contractors.”

Paul McClain, Vice President

All Union

NAEC only represents Union contractors. NAEC’s labor relations efforts are totally directed at preserving the traditional market place of the union construction industry, without having to balance its labor relations efforts between union and non-union employers.

“Why as a union contractor should my dues be spent to promote competitors who play with a different set of rules.”

Industry leader

NAEC is recognized by the Industry as a “lead” bargaining organization in Northern California. NAEC’s master labor agreements attest to its success with the lowest wage and fringe benefits package in the industry. If you want the most influence on future collective bargaining agreements, NAEC is your choice.

“Unionized labor leaders continually look to the NAEC for assistance in addressing the critical issues facing the union contractor and its’ work-force in today’s market.”

Contractor Directed

NAEC is a contractor organization. Principals of member firms determine labor policy. Contractor members participate directly in the negotiation of NAEC’s Master Labor Agreements.

“We have always found the meetings are attended by the decision makers from member firms, the real players who are able to get right into the meat of issues, making discussions at the meetings very meaningful and effective.”

Business Oriented

NAEC is strictly a business organization for union contractors. Time and resources of NAEC members and staff are concentrated on business meetings that affect the labor relations policies of the Association.

Self Funded

NAEC is funded solely by membership dues. NAEC has removed all employer industry funds from its labor agreements. Financial dependence on labor agreement industry funds compromises the collective bargaining process.

“We wanted to be represented by an association that was funded only by its membership and not by the same organizations it was negotiating contracts with.”

Cost Effective

Because NAEC only does collective bargaining and labor relations, you are only charged for these labor services. The NAEC dues structure is based on man hours of work, so that dues fluctuate with the work volume and size of each member company.

“The fee structure for membership is the best in the industry.”

Support Staff & Serviced

Our professional labor staff is unsurpassed in the area of collective bargaining and labor relations in Northern California. You are never more than a phone call away from immediate assistance in resolving your labor problems and questions.

“I can always count on receiving professional advice and help when I need it. There is no doubt that concentrating on only labor relations as an organization has created this environment for an up to date and accurate source for information.”

“The NAEC provides us with the best labor representation in the industry, not only through its’ expert staff, but with the support and contributions from its’ dedicated contractor members . We know that the money we contribute to the NAEC is going to support the labor issues and tasks that we, the members, feel are the most urgent for our industry.”

Service & Benefits

LABOR NEGOTIATIONS - NAEC members may participate in the negotiation of NAEC Master Labor Agreements with full staff labor support. NAEC has Master Labor Agreements with the Northern California Carpenters, Cement Masons, Laborers, Operating Engineers, Pile Drivers and Teamsters.

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION - NAEC members receive full staff labor support in the administration of all the Basic Craft Agreements. This includes labor relations service at all levels including job-site meetings, grievance hearings, arbitrations, trust fund audits, apprentice manning disputes and NLRB hearings. In addition, legal representation will be paid by the NAEC, if required, at a formal arbitration when an Industry issue is involved.

LABOR RELATIONS BULLETINS - NAEC members receive constant updates on changing labor conditions in the form of labor relations bulletins.

SPECIAL AGREEMENTS - NAEC members receive staff assistance in the negotiation and administration of special labor agreements.

INDUSTRY PARTICIPATION - Contractors and staff represent NAEC on the Basic Crafts Alliance and the Foundation For Fair Contracting.

INDUSTRY SUPPORT - NAEC members individually support many other construction industry programs including legislative, construction education, crime prevention, better transportation and industry research.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS - NAEC members participate in quarterly general membership meetings to determine association labor relations policies.

Since 1985 the NAEC and its predecessor AECE have negotiated Master Labor Agreements with the Carpenters, Cement Masons, Laborers, Pile Drivers, Operating Engineers and Teamsters. Through the efforts of both organizations , the industry has gained significant relief in the following areas:

While doing all of this, the NAEC provided our members the best economic packages available.

The NAEC staff has also assisted several NAEC members in negotiating special collective bargaining agreements to address specific market and geographical conditions including: Badger Daylighting; Broom Service, Inc.; Commercial Power Sweep; A-1 Sweeping Service; Szeremi Sweeping; Collet Construction, Inc.; MCM Construction, Inc.; and Specialty Paving, Inc.